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DP Motif 2.0 Shoulder Bag  | Yellow
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DP Motif 2.0 Shoulder Bag | Yellow

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Product Details

Outer 100% PU Artificial Leather
Inside Materials 100% PU Artificial Leather
Dimension W24cm / H18cm / D10cm
Weight 653g
Length of bag strap 87cm~105cm
Functions Crossbody Bag
Features Card Slot X1 / Zip compartmentX1 / Billfold Compartment X2?
Can A4 paper be loaded? No
Can I put a long wallet? Yes


How to clean and protect?PU Leather?

PU leather is a kind of manufactured synthetic material that is durable and has a touching sense and visual appearance that similar to true leather.?

Keep your PU leather bag always in a clean and neat condition.?When?getting dirt on your bag, you should quickly clean it or wipe with dry cotton cloth and milk. Some alcohol and detergents can damage the leather.

After a whole day of going outside, you maybe don?™t notice that invisible specks of dust are on your whole bag, so it is good practice to wipe it clean after a day out. Avoid your bag getting wet on a rainy day.

If it is time for you to pack your bag or moving house, remember to put some waste newspapers or papers inside to build up its original shape. Suggested to use alternately every week, do not store for a long time, it is a secret to extend the life of artificial leather products.