Citavisita Handle Bucket Bag -กระเป๋าบัคเกต | Pink
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Citavisita Handle Bucket Bag -กระเป๋าบัคเกต | Pink

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Adorable crossbody bucket bag with handle and round wallet. It's your perfect item for passing a beautiful weekend. Put it on and head to your favourite art gallery, or have a picnic with your BFFs on a sunny afternoon!

Product Details

Outer 100% PU Artificial Leather
Inside Materials Artificial Silk Fabric
W18cm / H18cm / D10cm
Weight 420g
length of bag strap  105cm~120cm
Handbag/ Crossbody Bag

Features:Main storage space x1 / Wallet: Zip Pockets x1 

Capable of placing A4 paper No
Capable of placing a long wallet No


How to clean and protect PU Leather?
For dirt and stain, you could use a dry cotton napery dipped with leather cleaning oil to wipe on the surface of the artificial leather. We do not recommend you use alcohol or chemical detergent such as soap, bleach, baking soda and so on. These materials may damage the surface of the artificial product. Therefore, we recommend you choose a corner part of the product and wipe it up genitally with the cleaning material as a test before you use it on the dirt and stain. If the product gets wet, please use a dry towel or tissue to dry it as soon as possible,  then place the product in a shady and ventilated place to avoid surface-peeling and surface-hydrolysis on the surface.  While you have to store the product, please choose a well-ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight and avoid overlapping the bag and the belt. Otherwise, it may cause indentation or stain. Do not leave your bag unused for a long time. Use the product at least once a week makes it last longer.

Description of artificial leather characteristics:
Products made of artificial leather must comply with the standards set by the international environmental protection organization for the production of decomposable inspection capabilities. We choose eco-friendly materials to manufacture artificial leathers to avoid permanent pollution. Damping, exposing the product under the sun or excessively friction may stimulate surface damage.Artificial leather is a material with weak heat resistance, please do not approach high heat places. Overheating or humid environments will accelerate the phenomenon of colour migration. Please avoid overlapping light-coloured and dark-coloured leather or fabric products, which will cause the items to stain each other and unremovable.Do not use volatile liquids such as benzene or thinner to clean, and do not wash artificial products directly with water or a washing machine.Any kind of artificial leather problems of the product is not covered by the warranty.